Sunday 19 July 2015

Taylor At Hyde Park

Okay. So this post is long overdue, because I went to London three weeks ago, but I can't NOT post about it. On the 27th of June I went to the Taylor Swift Hyde Park concert with my friend Hannah and it was absolutely amazing! I also went to the Manchester show prior to London but the whole festival atmosphere at Hyde Park made the day unforgettable.

When we arrived at the concert at 1:30pm (Taylor wasn't due to come on until 8:15) we  were given a 'pit pass', meaning that we got there quick enough to gain a spot in the area right by the stage. This was my fourth Taylor concert and I've never been even remotely close so this was such a shock and started off our train of extremely good luck. We headed straight to the Taylor Nation fan club booth where this photo was taken, so that Han could hand in a gift she'd made for Taylor, and then got some merch and snacks and headed to the actual stage area. For some reason we found it quite easy to sneak our way through the crowds, and ended up right by the front of the B-Stage! Because we'd already seen the show at Manchester we knew that Taylor spends a good proportion of the concert on the B-Stage, so before we even entered the park we knew where we wanted to head for. To put this into perspective, a family told us the next morning that they'd got there for 9am and only ended up around 50 people from the front - we got there around 5 hours later and ended up smack bang at the barrier, with Taylor only around 3 metres away!

I took a LOT of photos on my phone from the concert, which was, as always, phenomenal. Taylor never disappoints and being close enough to see her properly made it all the more emotional. To sum up the most exciting parts of the concert, Emma Watson walked right past us along with Andrea (Taylor's Mom), and the special guests during 'style' were Cara Delevingne, Gigi Hadid, Karlie Kloss, Mar Hunt, Kendall Jenner and Serena Williams. All of these celebs came to the B-stage, which was so so exciting! The support acts were Vance Joy, Ellie Goulding, and John Newman, and despite the fact that by the end of 8 hours standing I felt like I could collapse, every time I think about this day I begin to smile.
Have you ever been to a concert?
Emily xoxo

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