Friday 31 July 2015

What's in my carry-on?

Hey Guys!
So. I was sat here figuring out which posts to schedule for when I'm on holiday in the next couple of weeks (Fuerteventura if you were wondering), at the same time as making a list of items for my hand luggage, and it occurred to me that I should combine the two! I'm going with my family as its our annual summer holiday, so I don't have to carry any of the super important things, but here we go anyways.

Okay so obviously we have the essentials first, to ensure a satisfactory flight (and what I mean by that, is that I'm a 2 year old at heart that has to be entertained during a flight - I get squirmy otherwise).
  • Passport - because I'm not really into that whole 'illegally boarding a plane without identification' situation.
  • My Phone/Baby - Did you really think I'd leave this wonderful device behind? This doubles as my iPod, so I'm all set with good tunes.
  • Headphones - It's a must really. This pair from Sony gives out good quality sound (they've even been approved by my musically obsessed BF, so I would recommend).
  • A good book - at the moment I'm reading 'The Distance Between Us' by Kasie West, but I've packed about 8 more in my suitcase #sorrynotsorry
  • Phone Charger - We always take a trip to the airport lounge, which has plug sockets to top up on some extra phone charge. My phone is having a bratty phase at the moment where it likes to lose charge super quickly, so this is an essential.
  • Instax Mini - I LOVE my instax. At this moment in time I'm currently sitting by the window as I write this, frantically glancing out of the window and praying that Amazon Prime does not disappoint and delivers my new instax film in time. Nothing more fun than an old school polaroid in my opinion (except Disneyland, but that's a given.)
  • Notebook and pen - I've taken a notebook on every flight I've been on since I learnt to write my name. In my younger years I imagine I filled it with stick people and crappy poems, but now I intend to plan out my blogging schedule and write some more of my book.
  • Slipper socks - As soon as the plane takes off my feet turn into icicles. Is that just me?
  • Toiletries - And last but certainly not least, the carry-on item that causes the most stress. The 100ml liquid, clear plastic resealable case sitch. What even constitutes a liquid anyway? Because to me, a face powder is not a liquid. Okay, rant over. In mine I usually take Sunglasses (obviously not a liquid, it just bulks up the case), a hair tie, deodorant, eye drops, mascara, concealer, lip butter, perfume, hand sanitizer and gum.
I might have forgotten a couple of items there, but those are the main ones that I take with me. By the time you read this, I'll be tanning by the pool...yes, yes, YES.
What are your carry-on essentials?
Emily xoxo 



  1. I went to Fuerteventura last year and it was beautiful, I hope you have a good time! It looks like you've got some good things to be taking on the plane! I love a good book in my carry on, as I find that it passes the time really quickly! x

  2. Hi! I'm having a great time thanks, this island is beautiful! I completely agree about the book thing, it was a life saver on the flight xx


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