Sunday 20 December 2015

Make a Statement This Christmas!

*Bursts with excitement* GUYS. It's only FIVE sleeps until Christmas hits! I'm so excited and I'm actually prepared for once; cookies have been baked, presents are wrapped and underneath the tree, and Xmas jumpers have been worn. This last few nights are the best of the year, so full of anticipation and festivity - I decided to show you my favourite ways and products that I use to make a statement in the run up to the big day and right up to New Years. Every year since I turned 13 it has been about the red lip, partly because of my Taylor Swift obsession, but mostly because nothing says it's Christmas (and "look how bright my teeth are?!") like a lovely red lipstick.

2015 has also been the year where I've come into my own jewellery-wise. I've experimented with so much dazzle and shine and have finally cut down my collection to the prettiest pieces that sparkle up an outfit and make your confidence last all night (why have I turned into a advertising voice all of a sudden?)

The Red Lip:
Although my all time favourite lipsticks come in the form of nudes, I do have a soft spot for the reds and I've spent a lot of $$$ over the years trying to find my favourites. I'm not really a fan of orangey reds since they make my teeth look a little yellow, so I'm all about the blue and purple tones.
  • Dragon Girl by Nars. This is my go-to red lip and I am completely in love with it. The crayon shape of the product makes it so easy to apply without looking like MirandaSings, and the blue tone to it makes my teeth look so white, which is always a bonus. It's the priciest out of the 5 though, so beware!
  • Wine by Jack Wills. Oh gosh I must have talked about this on the blog a zillion times. I picked this up during the craze of having the trendiest bags (did your school ever have this? You'd literally go into a 'posh' shop like Jack Wills and buy the cheapest thing possible just to have the bag - fanciest PE kit ever all I'm sayin.) for literally £2 and it is here to stay. It's more of a berry red, the exact colour of a deep red wine, and it is the most moisturising lipstick I've ever come across.
  • 107 by Kate Moss, the clich√© blogger lipstick. Ever since it became a Zoella staple the sales of this lipstick have skyrocketed, and I totally understand the craze! Its pretty much your standard dark red, but the staying power is incredible and for £5.49 its definitely worth a cheeky purchase.
  • Hot Passion by Covergirl. I purchased this when I went to LA, and it is AMAZING! It's the only fiery red in my collection, and despite the fact that it isn't a beloved blue tone, it still has a firm place in my make-up drawer. It isn't drying at all and lasts throughout the night - win win!
  • Alarm by Rimmel - this is admittedly my least favourite of the five, but that isn't to say that I'm not a fan. It's a dark red, my favourite kind, and is very moisturising, but it does transfer easily to glasses (and to lips if you happen to find yourself under the mistletoe!) and smudges a bit.

Ah, the statement necklaces in all their glory. I know what you're thinking if you've been a reader for a while... this is where she waffles on and on about CloCloLondon. You know what? You hit that prediction spot on! My favourite statement pieces from their collection is the violet-blue beauty in the top right corner, perfect with a LBD. I'm also a huge fan of the black and gold chunky necklace that featured in my favourites a few weeks ago. The other pieces I always go back to is this simple gold necklace from Primark that honestly, I would say I've worn 100+ times (it goes with everything, literally every outfit), and this delicate silver beaded piece from Accessorise, which is so beautiful and one that I always return to, to spice up a cami or dress.
What is your favourite way to make a statement? 
Stay beautiful!
Em xo


  1. I never even knew Jack Wills did make-up!!
    Charlotte //

    1. I didn't either until I found that lipstick! Em xo


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