Sunday 10 January 2016

Blogs to Watch Out For #2

If you've read my post from last year (that's still so weird to say), all about my most popular posts from 2015, you'll know that in the top spot was my post promoting some of my favourite blogs. I'm all about positivity and spreading the blog love lately, so I thought I'd do a follow-up and choose some more blogs, since I'm constantly grabbing a mug of hot chocolate and sitting down to have a major post reading sesh. There are so many amazing bloggers out there, and its hard to know which ones to read, but hopefully this will give you some inspiration!
1. Chapters of Kat (check out her blog here)
Kat's blog has just grown and grown over the past few months - if you want a blog to inspire you to keep at it and up your blogging game, its Kat's! I feel like over the past few months her blog has just improved leaps and bounds and I love her writing and photography style - A+ from me (although to be honest that probably doesn't say much!) Kat is such a lovely online presence and genuinely deserves all the views and followers she gets - please go over to Chapters of Kat and give her a follow, I promise you'll love the posts and come out of her blog feeling motivated to improve your own.
2. Lauren from Minnie Mouse Chic (view it at this link)
I LOVE this fashion blog - Lauren's OOTD concoctions are genius! Even though the fashion side of my own blog has wandered into the background whilst I pursue other blogging goals, I'm still an avid reader of fashion posts, as I like to pinch ideas here and there and incorporate them into my own style - and the outfits on Minnie Mouse Chic (such a cute name omg) never disappoint. In particular I am obsessed with her faux fur jacket, as faux fur is a bit of an obsession of mine at the moment. Even though I've only recently began to read Lauren's posts, I know I'll be reading for a long time when I need some fashion inspo, and you should definitely have a look too!
3. Perks of Being Ami (click here to take you there!)
I love finding younger bloggers with an age closer to mine! I started reading this blog a couple of months ago after a link exchange on a twitter chat (twitter chats are basically the best thing ever am I right), and haven't stopped reading ever since - I adore the layout of her blog! *Quick reminder to myself to tone it down on the exclamation point side of things* I like bloggers that write in such an easy style to read, without mistakes to mentally correct or try to make sense of - and if you're the same I promise you, hand on heart, that this blog is definitely a writing style that will suit you.
4. Alice from Annie Writes Beauty (which you can check out here)
I found this blog back in September when Alice posted about the effect of a Rimmel product on her sister - if you haven't seen that then I don't know where you were in those few days on Twitter in September, I saw the post everywhere and found it such an interesting and shocking read! Anyway, I'm rambling, back to the point. Once I'd read that post I read a few more, and voila! I was hooked. This is an amazing beauty blog, one that I would 100% recommend you check out, because let me tell you, blogging game is strong. If you needed an extra reason to stop by at Annie Writes Beauty, then I'll give you one; Alice is so lovely on social media to everyone, and if there's one thing that makes me click a blog link, its knowing that a blogger is a positive influence on the community!
5. Jasmine from Blogsallbeauty (Hop on over to the blog by clicking this link)
I was going to leave it at four like last time, but I couldn't narrow it down! I feel like Jasmine is the social media queen to be honest - I'm so bad at remembering to tweet, but this blogger keeps so on top of it and I have no idea how she does it. I'm an avid reader of her beauty posts, since at the moment they're my favourite kind, and I love discovering new products to try. This is another blogger who is friendly to everyone on social media - can you see a theme here? Please go check out her blog, she deserves the follows and I know that once you start reading, you'll come away with a shopping list of so many products you want to pick up!
I hope you love these blogs as much as I do! What have you been reading online lately?


  1. Very good choices here, I love all the other bloggers you mentioned! Thanks so much for the mention chick, means a lot! Haha scheduling apps are my best friend for Twitter! I'm always on Twitter too, oops! Thanks again for the lovely comment about my blog xxxxx

    Jasmine ||

    1. You're welcome! I've never been able to get the hang of scheduling apps, but maybe 2016 is the year! Em xo

  2. Thank you so much for the mention, you've made my day with what you wrote! *grims from ear to ear*
    I love all the other gals too and of course your blog is brill!!

    Kat xx

    1. grins* bloody auto correct haha!

    2. You're so welcome Kat, I'm glad it made you smile! Thankyou! Em xo

  3. I only know number 3 and 5 so thank you for introducing me to some new reads! xx

    Blog:: Hannah Rose

    1. Definitely take a look at the blogs - they're all wonderful! Em xo

  4. These posts are great for finding new bloggers! I love all these ladies & their content. Xx

    Tania | When Tania Talks

  5. Great to look at new blogs!
    Charlotte //


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