Wednesday 20 January 2016

Pomegranate Yoghurt Bites || A Pinterest Recipe

Is it just me or are pomegranates extremely photogenic? (Just me, okay.)

I've been making a conscious effort lately to switch out my snacks for healthier, more filling snacks to last throughout the day. Instead of grabbing a bag of crisps I'll reach for cashew nuts, or maybe a third of a wholemeal pitta bread dipped in salsa. I've also been attempting to cook a little bit more, since Uni begins in October and I'm going self catered - last week I made a pesto and ham risotto that surprisingly, tasted pretty good!
Anyway, the point of this ramble is that I've been spending a good proportion of my free time looking at recipes and learning different ways to eat what's right for your body, so I thought I'd blog about a yummy snack recipe I found on Pinterest, originally from Vicky and Ruth's blog.

The basic idea for the recipe is a fun way to sweeten up pomegranate seeds, which on their own, unsweetened, can be quite sour. This recipe is such a cute and easy one, and I think serving up the frozen bites in a fancy bowl would do perfectly for a dinner party, since they are a healthier alternative to ice cream loaded with sugar (this has sugar as well but lets ignore that okay?)

1/2 cup of icing sugar
1 cup of 0% fat greek yoghurt
The pomegranate seeds from half of a pomegranate (or, 1 cup full)

1. Cover your surface with protection of some kind (I used tea towels), since pomegranate juice does stain!

2. Slice a pomegranate in half and put one half back into the fridge. Begin to pick out the seeds with a cocktail stick, knife, or your fingers, and pour them into a bowl. I'm going to be real with you, this takes a good twenty minutes and is probably the most tedious job in the whole of existence.

3. Wash the seeds in cold water to remove any pith - the fleshy white part of the fruit. Although it wouldn't harm you to eat the pith, it tastes quite bitter and disgusting.

4. Mix the seeds, sugar and yoghurt together until the pomegranate seeds look evenly distributed, and pour into an ice cube tray (I used a heart shaped one because I'm cheesy like that, and it's also the only one in my house.)

5. Freeze your yoghurt bites until properly frozen - I left mine overnight but I think you could leave them for about 3 hours and they'd be done.

6. Enjoy!

It takes a while to prepare, but these treats are so worth it when you snack on them. It isn't right to eliminate all sugar from your diet if you're looking to eat healthier, but incorporating healthy elements such as pomegranate seeds take the guilt away from a treat and actually end up providing you with one of your five a day.

How do you snack healthily?



  1. They look so good, I'm definitely going to have to try these out!
    Alicia :)


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