Wednesday 17 February 2016

Olivia Palermo || Ciate

So I recently took a trip to my favourite shop to find absolute beauty bargains - T K Maxx. I'm on a tight budget at the moment because of my trip to Amsterdam, but I managed to pick up this beautiful Olivia Palermo Ciate lipstick, which has the most amazing packaging - I had to photograph it for the blog! 
The lipstick originally retailed at £19, which is way over my budget, but I bought this for £6 in perfect condition, so I think we can consider that a job well done. The range consists of four shades; a light nude called 'Cashmere', a slightly darker brown nude in 'Truffle', 'Praline', a deep nude, and a dark red in 'Velveteen'. Since this range is heavily nude based, when I heard about it months ago I was instantly intrigued - especially since I'd never heard of Ciate doing make up products instead of nails. In an ideal world I would have picked up both Truffle and Praline, and luckily for me, Truffle was in stock!

For me when I choose make up products I'm primarily superficial - it's all about the initial impression of the packaging. I always think packaging is a winner when you immediately know how you'll tie a blog photo together, and when I saw this gorgeous gold packaging I knew I was on to a winner. I love the incorporation of bows into the actual product and the outside packaging, its such a pretty touch that will go down well with girly girls like me.
I think this lipstick screams luxury, right down to the sweet smell that I would usually associate with my beloved MAC lipsticks. I've only worn this once (had to wait to get a pristine photo obviously), but I love the formula - not too drying and not sheer at all, highly pigmented colour. The colour of Truffle is such a lovely brown-pink nude, the shade that suits me best and works with the make up I like to wear. If it wasn't rock expensive, I would definitely go out and pick up praline - but if I spot in it T K Maxx next time I go, I can't promise that my bank balance with remain unscathed. 

Have you tried any products from this range, and would you pay that much money for a quality lipstick?
(P.S. The next post you'll see from me is an Amsterdam vlogpost!)

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