Wednesday 10 February 2016

Using a Bloggers Planner

Hi Guys!
I'm pretty much known in my family for being the queen of organisation when I set my mind to the task; to-do lists, daily plans and schedules are just part of the routine. When I received a daily bloggers planner for Christmas I was sceptical as to how much it would sculpt my organisational ways - but I was so wrong. Without being sickeningly OTT about this - I would hand on heart say that this daily planner from TheBloggersPlanner has made significant positive changes to my life. Here's seven reasons why you should convert to the planner lifestyle and never look back.

1. Your to-do lists will finally be organised. I used to write on scraps of paper and leave them lying around everywhere, forget where I put them, and just write another trillion zillion lists. What I love about my planner is that every day has a space for a to do list - and I can actually look at my week in advance and write down the things I want to achieve on each day (and have the satisfaction of putting a bit fat tick next to completed tasks.)
2. The Stats Page. I'm not sure where every planner stands on this, but since mine is designed for bloggers, there's a page after every month to write some statistics - Bloglovin followers, page views, subscribers etc. I'm so excited to see how things progress over the year when I look back at the months. These are the little things that you'd never remember to jot down if it wasn't in the planner!
3. Blog post planning pages make life a heck of a lot easier. Would you believe me if I said that before January (bear in mind that I've been blogging for 18 months now) I never ever made a plan for posts? I didn't plan my posts out for the next month/week, and I never wrote down a full post plan (in hindsight this definitely would have soothed my frazzled blogger brain.) In the planner there's space to plan all your posts, and a checklist of social medias that you should be advertising your blog posts with - you can't get away with it if it's written in the planner, so it actively, by way of subconscious blackmail, forces you to advertise via instagram, twitter and all that jazz. So freaking handy.
4. It's the perfect unwinding ritual. Every night, before I go to sleep I fill in my planner for the day (including my meal plans - it literally thinks of everything you could ever wish to plan) and use colourful markers to spice up the pages. The routine lasts about ten minutes, I whack on some classical piano, and bam, completely relaxed and ready to go to sleep. For someone that could lie awake for hours staring at the wall, to get me to fall asleep quickly is a pretty impressive feat.
5. It just makes you feel like a blogger. You know what I mean, right? It looks all fancy in blog photos and you can print the name of your blog on the front of it to personalise it. I'm not going to lie to you here, when I mentioned it in passing to my Mum my mind was completely focussing on how beautiful the planner would look in photos, not how useful it would be. There are some things in life that scream blogger: rose gold, marble backgrounds, bright aesthetics, endless arrays of lipsticks - and to be honest, I don't think anything could fit in that category more like a personalised daily planner.
6. The little details you'd never think to write down. Goals for the month/week, wishlists, financial incomings and outgoings etc etc etc. I've never felt so organised in my life! There's even a little checklist that insists that every week you treat yourself, and start commenting on more blogs to spread some positivity. Every month you also get a cute little motivational quote, and a spreadsheet of the whole month to see every day on one page and write in important dates. I also find the 'notes' page useful to jot down blog post ideas, before they officially make it to the blog post planning stage.
7. It's so rewarding. I feel like I can actually say that getting off to such an organised start to the year is making me feel so happy and enthusiastic. When I pinpoint any time in my life where I've felt a bit low, it's always slightly related to lack of control and organisation - I'm such a planner girl at heart, if everything isn't organised my head feels like its such a mess! Starting the day with a plan makes a lot of difference to me, and my outlook for the day ahead.

Have you ever tried using a daily/bloggers planner, or are you more of a spontaneous, unorganised gal? (This genuinely interests me so please comment - sometimes I wish I could be more spontaneous, without planning every detail!)



  1. I'm already quite an organised person but this is goals. I need to get my hands on one of these. I especially like the tick boxes for social media, I need one! xx

    Blog:: Hannah Rose

    1. It's excellent for organisation, I would completely recommend.
      Em xo

  2. I've never found a notepad which is made for bloggers! I love the quote on the front, it's so fitting! I really should try one out as it has everything you need inside it!
    Charlotte //

  3. Okay I need this planner ASAP *heart eyes emoji* I really like that there's a blog statistics page, it sounds really handy for looking back on your progress!
    Aisling | Aislings beauty bytes

    1. Hahah isn't it so pretty?! It's so interesting to look back!
      Em xo


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