Sunday 27 November 2016

New Make Up Geek Additions

*Prepare yourselves to hear me sing the praises of  MUG once again*
When it comes to single eyeshadows, I very rarely buy them; palettes are so much easier to carry around and travel with, and you know what? Single shadows can be pretty darn expensive. With the exception of a couple of MAC shadows (which I very highly rate by the way) and some NYX single pans (which I sadly don't rate as much), I stick to Make Up Geek and fill up my z-palette to get the best of both worlds.
Make Up Geek have two main variations of eyeshadow pan that I gravitate towards, the standard shadow and the foiled. Not long ago I splashed out and bought Grandstand (foiled) and it just changed the eyeshadow game for me, so I knew that I'd have to get back on Beauty Bay and order a couple more to review on my blog. The shades I picked out were Cocoa Bear, which I've heard nothing but good things about and have seen Jaclyn Hill use countless times, Cosmopolitan, and Shimma Shimma. 
Cocoa Bear is your typical warm, red-brown matte shade, and I don't own anything else like it in my collection. It ties together a warm toned eye look perfectly and the pigmentation is crazy. The formula of Makeup Geek shadows is so far away from chalky and almost feels buttery, which I think a lot of people would agree is the ideal formula for a shadow that you want to be able to blend into oblivion. With a lot of brands, the shimmery shades are brilliant but the matte shades often feel like an afterthought - not the case here!
Shimma shimma is such a pretty metallic champagne shade (and obviously a shimmer), which I picked up for the corners of my eyes and below my browbone to add some highlight. If you read my fall favourites post you'll know I'm all about the champagne shades right now, so it probably comes as no surprise that I would add this beauty to my basket.
Finally, Cosmopolitan is a shade that I've been eyeing up for absolutely ages, purely because I've never come across a shadow like it. Who doesn't adore a rose gold shimmer shade? I haven't been able to incorporate this into a look yet, but I know I'll get lots of use out of it in this run up to Christmas; the shadow has gold flecks running through it that just scream New Years Eve. 

Let me know if you want a full MUG collection - over the past few months I've accumulated quite a few new shades to add to my Z-palette.


  1. Cosmopolitan is my most worn eyeshadow easily! I also really love Cocoa bear and shimma shimma. I high recommend grandstand, it such a unique shade and the pigmentation is out of this world! xx

    LPage Beauty

    1. Cocoa Bear is quickly becoming a favourite of mine!

  2. Cosmopolitan looks gorgeous, I defo need to add it to my own MUG collection! X



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