Thursday 3 November 2016

November Lip Library

How on earth are we in November already? November is an odd month for lip colours, because the berry craze that is October has died down and we aren't quite ready to get on board with wearing Christmas reds every day of the month. Sticking with a slight berry theme and moving as gradually as I can into the December lib wardrobe, I think I've nailed it this month for the perfect four to keep you going in this weird transition period. You're welcome.
Starting off with an obvious pick since I always need a tinted balm on hand in my monthly make up bag is Lollitint by Benefit, which is a gorgeous berry pink shade that looks like a gloss but is much more comfortable. I have to say that the tinted balms by Benefit are probably up there with my favourite products that have a shade for every season (Posietint is perfect for summer and Benetint was born to be a winter lip).
Also on the Autumn trend is 'Plumful' by MAC, which is a beautiful berry lustre lipstick that is the ideal balance between a bold lip colour and something more subtle. I mentioned this in a recent post but its too fitting for November for me to not mention it again, and how could I not include MAC in a lip wardrobe?
'Blushed' by Revlon is one of my all time classic lipsticks that has been in my collection and that I've repurchased for years. Its so different to anything else that I own; a coppery metallic shade that stands out and has the staying power of a lipstick with a much higher price tag. I think Revlon do one of the best drugstore lipstick formulas, and there are several shimmery shades like this that are just the trick for a party look.
Finally, and definitely the one that I'll be wearing the most is 'Wine' by Jack Wills. I'm not sure if this is still stocked, but I was blown away by the quality of this lipstick. Its moisturising (kind of with the finish of MAC lustre) with high pigmentation and the best plum tone that I've found in a lip shade. After purchasing this I'm extremely intrigued as to what else beauty-wise this brand has to offer, considering I'm pretty sure I picked up this lipstick for under £5.
What's in your November lip library?


  1. Love your lip picks! That MAC lipstick is such a gorgeous color, I totally get why you've mentioned it again ;)

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

    1. Thankyou Sharmili! It was too beautiful to not post about :)

  2. Wine is stunning! I've wanted to get my hands on lolibalm since I definitely am more of a balm/tint kinda gal.
    Kathy x

    1. I'm completely the same, I like my lips to be moisturised!

  3. These are great picks! I have been wearing my plum and berry lipsticks constantly and I don't plan to stop wearing them until xmas time, I am so ready to wear my red lipsticks! x



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