Wednesday 21 December 2016

15 reasons why the festive season is the best ever

Only five more sleeps until the big day!
The Christmas period is without a doubt my absolute favourite time of year; I can't imagine a season which is more family-orientated than this one, so it felt right to compile a list of all the things that make Christmas (or whatever holiday you choose to celebrate at this time) the best ever.
1. Sticking a candy cane in a hot chocolate and voila! You're practically a Starbucks barista.
2. Counting down to a celebration by using 'sleeps' as a measure of time. Yes, please let me be five years old again.
3. Coming home (if you're in university or just live away) and catching up with your best friends. A bottle of wine and a good conversation is proven to be good for the soul.
4. Taking festive polaroids - need I explain more?
5. Wearing red lipstick and feeling utterly fabulous. You pout it out girl, you do you.
6. The limited edition Christmas make up collections *drools over the Nutcracker Sweet collection*
7. Dancing around in your onesie to Christmas music and believing every year that this year, might be the year you sing All I Want for Christmas just as good as Mariah.
8. Watching Love Actually on repeat and basically just swooning over Hugh Grant the entire time.
9. Winter walks on the beach with about 100 layers on because holy crapoli, it is freezing.
10. That gingerbread/cinnamon smell that just magically appears around Christmas (its probably just the candle you lit, but lets believe it magically appeared okay?)
11. Incorporating glitter into every make up look, because if you can't do it in December, when can you?
12. Laughing at your pets reaction to the Christmas tree, which is more enjoyable than the tree itself tbh.
13. Sitting by the fire and writing blog posts (current situation, if you hadn't guessed.)
14. That feeling when you open your eyes on Christmas morning and get butterflies - I don't care how old I get, I don't think that will ever disappear.
15. Reflecting back on the year and thinking that although you may not have achieved all your goals and things might have gone a bit pear shaped, you're here and things turned out okay anyway (and if they haven't, it will all look up!)



  1. Christmas is my favourite time of year, but some of these I hadn't even thought of! Christmas morning will always have a magical feeling

    Emily x |

  2. Such a fun post, I love your humour and ideas! I like wearing a red lippy this time of year and Christmas morning butterflies are the best. Sending lots of Christmas cheer your way! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

  3. I love all of these! Christmas is such a magical time! x


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