Thursday 15 December 2016

My First Colourpop Order

*Drum roll*
I finally did it! Ordering from Colourpop has been something on my beauty bucket list for quite some time now, but the whole delivery process kind of scared me off. For Black Friday Colourpop did free international shipping for 24 hours (praise the Lord), so obviously I got straight on that and placed an order. I did some research and found that generally, if you spend less than £15 you dodge a customs charge, and since I didn't receive a charge I would be inclined to use that rule in the future.
Products-wise, I went for three of the liquid lip colours; they're the product that I've heard the most about, and there was a particular few that I wanted to try out. So far, my favourite formula is definitely the 'glossy' lip, which has that typical glossy look, but without any of the sticky texture. I avoided matte shades because I own so many matte lipsticks that it seemed a better idea to try out other, possibly more comfortable formulas. I'm so fussy about formula; if its even slightly drying its a complete turn off, and I much prefer moisturising lip colours.
The first one I knew I absolutely had to include was one from the Kathleen Lights collection, and I'm all about the nude-browns so I added 'Point Zero' to my basket. Its described on the website as a cool toned grey brown, and I think I would agree with that, its almost an exact mixture of 'Stone' and 'Spirit' by MAC. This one is in a satin finish which I like, it looks pretty much matte but the colour is comfortable and it doesn't settle onto my lips like cement.
The other satin lip that I went for was a shade completely different to anything else I own. 'Femme' is described as a 'muted dirty lilac', and whilst I wasn't originally sure that a lilac shade would suit my pale skin tone, it actually works better than I thought. Lilacs are increasingly on the beauty trend, and for $6 I couldn't exactly say no, could I? After trying two of this formula out I can definitely recommend the satin finish, which seems to me to be similar to the satin finish that MAC lipsticks have.
Last but 100% not least, my favourite purchase was 'Furry' from their Holiday collection, which is a 'rich burgundy in a metallic finish'. This colour is the perfect Christmas day shade, and I've already worn it multiple times. As I mentioned at the start of this post the glossy formula is a winner in my eyes, and in a bold shade like this it gives a make up look the pop that is needed during this season. Imagining this with a gold glitter eye look almost brings happy tears to my eyes.
Furry, Femme, Point Zero


  1. That's awesome that you were able to avoid a customs fee! I've heard of people having to pay over 20 pounds in customs which is crazy. Love all three lippies you got! Furry is totally the perfect Christmas lipstick :)

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

  2. Ahhh, how exciting! I haven't tried their metallic shades yet but they look lovely
    Kathy x


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