Monday 6 October 2014

Top 5: Nail Polishes

Hi! Today I thought I'd do a Top 5 product post, with the focus on nail polishes. I don't wear nail polish often (mainly because my nails are atrocious) but for some reason I buy quite a lot of it, so I do have some favourites.

1. NYC Quick Dry Nail Polish in the colour 'Chelsea'. I love red nail polish a lot (probably because of Taylor's album), and this shade has a hint of glitter in it which I really like. It also dries super quick, so is handy if you're painting your nails in a rush. I was bought this for a gift, so I'm not sure of the price, but I think that it's probably pretty reasonable.

2. Technic Nail Varnish in 'Isla Bonita'. This is just a glittery nail polish that I tend to paint over other colours to give them a bit of the wow factor! I love how the sparkles are multi-coloured, and how the individual pieces of glitter are different shapes - it gives a really nice effect to the nails! This was only £2.50, so considering the price I'm really happy with the results.

3. Barry M Nail Paint in 'Blue Moon'. This is a beautiful pastel blue colour that I wear in the spring time. Pastel blue is one of my favourite colours, and I love the Barry M Nail Paints, so this is always a winning combination!

4. W7 Nail Polish in 'White' (no bonus points for this name though). I've seen white nail polish on lots of people lately, and I love the way it looks so I bought my own! I've tried it a couple of times and I like how classy my nails look when they have this on them, and the polish doesn't chip very easily, which surprises me because the polish only cost £2.50.

5. B.Complete Long Lasting Nail Polish in 'Treasure Chest'. This one I got in a Glossybox a few months ago, and I absolutely adore this colour! It goes with almost every outfit, and is a light bronze colour with extra sparkle (which you should be getting by now that I love) and it lasts a good week before it starts to peel off. I'm not too sure of the price because it came in a monthly box, but the products they send are usually more upmarket, so I would imagine that it was a bit more expensive than the others.

Emily xoxo

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