Monday 16 February 2015

Top 5 Lipsticks

Hi guys! Today I thought I'd do a Top 5 post, since I rarely do those. I am a huge fan of using lipstick, especially in comparison to lip gloss, which I find an inconvenience. Over the past few years I've accumulated a few favourites, so I thought I'd show you five.

1. Jack Wills Gloss Lipstick in 'Wine' -
This lipstick was on sale when I bought it, for £2 (original price £6). It is proof that a good lipstick does not have to be expensive, and would probably go down as my favourite lipstick of all time. It is a gorgeous maroon colour, with a glossy finish. If you want a lipstick that is extremely pigmented however, I wouldn't choose this one. For me, often when I wear a darker lip during the day I want it to be more subtle, so this lipstick is ideal for my daytime make up. If you layer it on thick enough you get a darker lip, but for me the subtlety of the shade is what I like best.

2. Kate Moss Rimmel London Lipstick in 107 -
This is my go to red lip colour for a night out with my family or friends. If I'm daring I'll wear it during the day, but since this dark red is very pigmented and I prefer lighter shades during the day, I usually opt out of this one for daytime makeup. It is easy to apply, and is a perfect shade for people with paler skin and dark hair like me. I find that people with blonder hair tend to suit red lipsticks with orangey undertones, and brunettes tend to suit red lipsticks with a purple undertone (just my opinion anyway). The magic thing about this lipstick, is that it doesn't easily rub off, however if you apply it too hastily and need to tidy up the edges, it comes off like a dream with no clown-like red line sitting around your mouth (you can laugh, but I have been burned by that scenario many a time). I'm pretty sure this cost around £5.50.

3.  Revlon Lipstick in 477, 'Black Cherry' -
I wear this one on days when I'm feeling brave. My winters resolution was to wear this colour more, and I have indeed taken on the challenge that I set myself! The lipstick is matte, with a pigmented dark purple finish. It stays on incredibly well, and I think that I have fallen a little in love with the black and gold packaging, which seals the deal in a very classy manner. This retails at £7.49.

4. Bellapierre Lipstick in 'Cat Walk' -
Bonus points for the cute name of this one. Before I started receiving Bellapierre cosmetics in my monthly glossybox, I had never even heard of the brand, and to be honest I still don't know a lot about it. This one is the most pricey of the bunch, costing a large amount of £20! This is way more than I would usually spend on a lipstick, which makes me fall in love with the little bit of luxury even more. It is a beautiful nude colour, one which I wear to school pretty much every day. The lipstick is moisturising, which is a huge plus, and oh my gosh it smells just divine. I realise its a bit weird to even care what a lipstick smells like, but who wouldn't go for a lipstick with a distinct caramel scent? CARAMEL.

5. Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in 'Dragon Girl' -
Oh boy did I search high and low for this baby. When I went to Barcelona last summer I was desperate to find it in Sephora, but it was sold out. I get home and search online...sold out. I was just about at my wits end looking for this lipstick (lip pencil technically, but we'll let that one slide) when it appeared under my Christmas Tree - thank you Santa! The shade is a beautiful, vibrant red, which I wore on Christmas and New Years and got some lovely comments on. It applies very easily, and lasts the whole night with no real need for reapplication. I love Nars, but never indulge unless its something I've wanted for ages, and this lip pencil was SO worth the wait! I can't say the price as it was a gift, and I'm not sure where my Mum purchased it from.

What are your favourite lipsticks?
Stay Beautiful,
Emily xoxo

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