Tuesday 24 February 2015

February Wishing

Since I just yesterday spent pretty much ALL my wages, it'll be a while before I can start to buy clothes again (sob!). These are a few of the items I'm waiting and hoping for, with my eyes constantly drifting to my calendar to count down until payday.

This is the Boyfriend Half-Zip from Victoria's Secret PINK. I love the clothes from PINK, as they are super good quality and provide a pretty hefty level of comfort. I own a couple of hoodies from here, but this boyfriend style sweater is so cute that I just want want want it in my life.
You can view this here

Okay, so I'm not a huge fan of the ripped jeans trend that's been taking the world by storm lately. I don't fancy having cold knees too much, but I really like this pair from Forever 21. I think the colour of the jeans is really pretty, and the rolled up legs add a nice touch that would work with boots in the winter or sandals in the summer months.
You can view this here

This crochet cold shoulder shirt is so beautiful I could collapse. I'm a bit obsessed with black outfits lately, and there are a million different ways of styling it running through my head as I'm writing this (okay, so maybe not a million - but close!) It's quite pricey for what it is, but if you would consider spending more on a shirt like this, or its getting close to your birthday, then this would be the perfect item to spend your money on.
You can view this here

Best. Until. Last. I am 100% putting this pair of Nike Airs on my birthday wishlist. I don't currently own any pairs of trainers, and I've been searching for a pair that I genuinely like, and would wear not just to the gym but out and about. This blue pair are a bit out there, and not to everyone's taste I know, but I saw these whilst shopping yesterday and fell a little bit in love.
What are you wishing for currently?
Stay Beautiful!
Emily xoxo

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