Friday 20 February 2015

A Killer Mascara Combination

Hi Guys!
Today I wanted to blog about a new combination of mascaras that I've been trying, that have improved the length and volume of my lashes by a huge amount.

So, lately I've firstly been using the new 'Roller Lash' by Benefit, followed by 'Thick & Fast' by Soap and Glory. I found that just using the benefit mascara gave me the length and curl but not the volume that I wanted, and that the Soap and Glory mascara added the edge that I needed volume-wise to achieve my preferred look. Both of these are pricier mascaras (although my 'Roller Lash' is just a sample until I get my hands on the real deal) with the Benefit one costing £19.50, and the Soap and Glory costing £10. Each of these would do fine on their own, I just find that together they work wonders and give almost a false lash effect.
This is really the very first time I've strayed away from trusty Maybelline mascaras, and I'm pleased with the results that I've been getting. My eyes are one of my favourite features, and so I like to draw attention to them. This means that as well as loving the look that these mascaras give me, I don't feel too bad about splashing the cash on the pricier make up products.
What's your killer mascara combo?
Stay beautiful!
Emily xoxo

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