Thursday 11 June 2015

What's on my iPhone?

Hey guys!
Today I'm doing something I can't believe I haven't done before...the ultimately predictable 'What's on my iPhone' blogpost. I have the iPhone 5s in the gold colour and I love it to death - when I find myself without it I completely panic.

My case is pretty simple, transparent plastic with some four leaved clovers - as you could probably guess, the case is from Urban Outfitters (please help, my addiction is real.)

My phone background is a photo of me and two of my closest friends at my Dad's 50th party - I like this photo a whole lot.
And finally the bit you've all been waiting for (not), my apps! Aside from the first page of obvious apps like 'photos' and 'calculator' I only have one page of apps that I've downloaded by choice.
  • My Vodafone - To keep track of how much data I have left before the next month. Funny story, before I got this app I was going over my bill every month by as much as £60 (Mum wasn't impressed to say the least).
  • Instagram - LOVE. You can follow me if you wish, my username is emilylaura_13.
  • Snapchat - Score: 28000, name: emilylaura_13
  • Twitter - My Twitter is @alittleblogger3 and I tweet constantly about random and blog related nonsense.
  • Facetime - Because sometimes, you just need a little time with other peoples faces. Okay, backtrack, that sounded creepy and weird.
  • Barclays Banking - So I know how much my UO obsession has destroyed my bank balance.
  • Soundcloud - I don't really use this at all to be honest, I should probably delete it!
  • Youtube - For obvious reasons! My faves are Sunbeamsjess, AspynOvard, FashionRocksMySocks, SienaMirabella, and Zoella.
  • Netflix - because who wouldn't be infatuated with the ability to watch TV on the go?
  • Bloglovin' - To keep up with all you lovely folks!
  • Blogger - For last minute spell checks when I wake up panicking in the middle of the night that my grammar for tomorrow's post may be off.
  • Pinterest - I don't use this that much - except to find photos for my 'style stalk' posts, but sometimes I do get the urge to search 'food' and look at the images of gloriousness.
  • Afterlight - The app I use to edit my photos for instagram. I particularly like the feature that enables you to create a white border around the photo.
  • Vinted - I did a post all about this app, which you can view here.
  • Spotify - This was the best purchase I ever made, I love it! The amount of music you get for such a little fee is amazing, and I like the fact that you can listen to your music even without wifi when you're on the go.
  • Gmail - Pretty self explanatory.
  • Unidays - If you're a student, get this app. So many offers and discounts, and for stores that are genuinely useful (Spotify premium is half price, and there is a handy dandy discount for, you guessed it, Urban Outfitters!)
  • DSappli - This is just an app I need to play music through my speakers, not much more to it than that!
  • Dubsmash - Oh my God. This is one of my favourite apps, and if you check out my instagram (emilylaura_13) I have one posted on my page that might make you laugh (probably at me, not with me).
  • Kik - Finally I have a messenger app, purely so I can participate in important group chats.
And that's it! I hope you enjoyed this post and are having a fabulous day, stay beautiful!
Emily xoxo


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