Friday 19 June 2015

Style Stalk: Nina

These posts are one of my favourite to write at the moment! I have so many style icons that it's difficult to pick only one, but for this post I decided on Nina Dobrev, probably best known as Elena in The Vampire Diaries (which I actually don't really like that much).

I literally LOVE this playsuit - it's so classic and timeless! I have a party coming up that I need an outfit for, and I wish so badly that this was hanging in my closet to wear. The intricacy of the pattern compliments the simplicity of the colour scheme and the way it cinches at the waist means that is flattering for the figure - a feature that I think is hard to come by with this kind of outfit. 

I'm a sucker for cute outfits, and this one definitely falls into that category - that hair bow is to die for (on a related note, Nina is 100% hair goals). I'm usually not a fan of over the knee dresses, but I really like the old fashioned vintage style that this outfit has going on. 

The boots I could live without to be perfectly honest, but I covet those shorts so badly! The design screams summer, and the contrast between the floral pattern and the stripy shirt works really well. I also love the sunglasses!

Can you tell I'm slightly obsessed with playsuits at the moment? (I don't own any because its one thing I can't ever pull off, but I like them on everybody else.) I feel like this is an ideal outfit for a summer wedding, the white with gold accents and the strappy sandals. I wish my hair looked as good as that when I put it into a ponytail - I'm telling you, hair GOALS.
I try to inject colour into my wardrobe, but more often than not I wimp out and go for the usual combination of blacks and greys. This dress however, I would definitely choose over my black jeans-white top go-to get up. I like how the colours are toned down by the black blazer and accessories, and those boots are so so gorgeous! This is probably my favourite of the outfits - if only I went to events that warranted style like this (pretty sure I would get laughed out of town if I wore this on a Saturday Wagamama trip).
Who are your style icons?
Stay beautiful!
Emily xoxo


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