Wednesday 17 June 2015

Nars Wishlist

Out of all the pricier make up brands out there, Nars has to be my all time favourite. I covet pretty much all of their lip products, and after trying the 'Laguna' bronzer, I am well under the way to being converted to a Nars lover. I thought I'd combine a wishlist of the products I'm most desperate to try, and believe me, it was hard to narrow it down!
Nars Lipgloss in the shade 'Sweet Revenge' which is a shimmery grapefruit colour and looks perfect for summer date nights. I wish this was in my price range so so much.
The 'Sheer Glow' foundation which a LOT of people seem to rave about these days. I'm a sucker for foundations that I haven't tried, and would love to add this to my collection.
The 'Eyeliner Stylo' - I'm having a minor crisis lately in the form that I can't seem to find an eyeliner that I actually enjoy using. This eyeliner seems like it would do the trick, has anyone tried this? And if so, is it worth the hype? I would go for the shade 'Carpates' because I'm a wimp and I could never stray from the traditional black eyeliner.

The 'Soft Touch' Eyeshadow pencil in the shade 'HollywoodLand' - pale gold colour well suited to summertime. This would be an ideal shade to take on holiday, to work with tanned (fingers crossed) skin and wear out to dinner. I love products like this, that make applying eyeshadow quick and simple.
The Nars 'Body Glow' daily oil, to fit in with the holiday theme. This shimmery oil would make a tan look even better, and who doesn't want to appear at least a little bit sparkly on a day to day basis?
The Highlighting Powder in the colour 'Albatross'. You do not even understand how long I have been searching for a highlighting powder that I actually like, and I think (big statement here) that I might have found the one. Has anyone purchased this product, and if you have, what did you think? I've never really been interested in blush, but I kind of adore bronzers and highlighters.

What's your favourite of the pricier make up brands?
Stay beautiful!
Emily xoxo

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