Wednesday 28 October 2015

My Everyday Make-Up Essentials

I'm so excited to be posting again, with a refreshed blogging mind. Sorry for missing Wednesday's post, but motivation isn't easy to conjure when you're in a slump, so I took a break and now my mind feels jam-packed with ideas. I've done many posts that incorporate these Make-up items before, but I've never explicitly shown you my everyday essentials.


Okay so as for face related items (well they're technically all face related but you know what I mean lads) I go pretty much all out Rimmel. I know Rimmel haven't had the best press lately and I've cut some products out of my collection because of it all, but when you find products that suit your skin its desperately difficult to say goodbye. I adore the Wake Me Up foundation - let me tell you I have tried high end foundations, but THIS baby just makes my heart grow wings. It isn't cakey but you get good coverage, and the tone of it is a pretty darn good match for my skin. I use the True Match concealer, which lasts a flippin lifetime; I bought this concealer three months ago and I use it every single day, can't really beat that sort of staying power.
The Stay Matte powder is a new addition to the routine, I used to use a different Rimmel powder with a teal packaging but that seems to have disappeared (or has the packaging just changed?) - anywho, it works like a powder should, so I'm happy about it. My most prized possession is my Nars Laguna Bronzer (CULT. CLASSIC.) which is so beautiful I sometimes want to cry, and has exactly the right amount of shimmer. Finally for this first category, I often turn to the Me Me Me highlighter, which I put into my most recent favourites. It's easy to apply and is bold enough to satisfy - definitely worth taking a gander at that brand people.
Anyone that knows me and my make up knows that the Maybelline Master Precise Eyeliner is the one to beat. I've tried Benefit, I've tried Rimmel, I've tried No7, but nothing even comes close to this eyeliner. It's a sponge tip so doesn't feel scratchy, and just glides on like a dream. Buy it. Just buy it buy it buy it. Also in this Maybelline love affair is the Lash Sensational Mascara which every blogger seems to go on about, and I completely understand why. Such a good find, such a great wand! To doll up my eyebrows so they're on fleek (I hate myself for typing that), I usually use the brown shade in the Naked Basics Palette or the eyebrow pencil from Rimmel, either work well so I just go for whatever reaches my hands first.
I'm not going to lie here, I generally just reach for my Carmex on weekdays, since school isn't a runway and I like my lips to be protected from Winter *shudders at the thought of dry, cracked lips*. If it's a weekend day or I'm feeling a little bit bold, I'll go for my MAC lipstick in Spirit, which I absolutely cherish (I'm not even exaggerating, I thought I'd lost this at a party once and shed a tear, and I wasn't even drunk).
It's safe to say that in terms of sweeping the board, Rimmel do the face, Maybelline do the eyes, and MAC will always do lips. What do you reach for on a day to day basis?
Stay beautiful!
Em xoxo


  1. Love a few of these products myself, and I am admiring your flat lay picture also haha!

  2. We use a ton of the same products! :) I'm obsessed with that mascara at the moment!

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