Sunday 18 October 2015

22 Lessons I've Learned From Blogging

Oh I do love to write chatty posts. My blog theme is really jumbled up at the moment, because all the beauty posts I've been wanting to write require more funds than I currently have...bring on payday! Until then you'll have to enjoy rambly, lifestyle posts - it's been a struggle to get anything up in the last week since I've been focused on my Uni applications and some mid-term assessments. I do love to type irrelevant nothings don't I? It's been about 15 months since ASD was born, so lets dive into all the things blogging has taught me.

1. The most important hours of the day involve daylight
Once you hit the 5pm mark (even earlier in Winter), you ain't gonna get no photos taken Missy.

2. Face make-up always looks slightly orange on camera
Does it worry me that I possibly look like a Wotsit in my day to day life? Yes. Yes it does.

3. It's flipping hard to get views at first
You have to work your butt off to get any views when you first start a blog, but its so rewarding when your traffic first starts to increase. I remember hitting 1000 page views and being deliriously happy.

4. Don't jump at every offer of a collab
Think about the message you deliver with your blog style, and your target audience. Will your readers enjoy a collaboration with a wedding company? Probably not. On another note, will you look a bit silly promoting something you know absolutely nothing about? Probably yes.

5. Routine posts can get very tedious
This is just a personal preference, but I don't like to do monthly favourites or playlists anymore - it got me into a comfortable slump which sucked the excitement out of blogging, and I much prefer taking it week by week and writing about the things that excite me. I find it's so much nicer to read an enthusiastic post - you can tell if the blogger is bored!

6. Not every post is going to be a smash hit
Sometimes you won't get a single comment or over 50 views on a post, and that's okay! It's helpful to know what posts go down well - a bit of market research never did anyone any harm.

7. Exposure is your new BFF
By far the effect I use most on PicMonkey is exposure, it improves the aesthetics of a photo by so much and is (I feel anyway) one of the most important photography tools. Dull photos are just that...dull.

8. People who know nothing about blogging can be extremely judgemental
Ignore them haters, and keep doing what you do.

9. Get a Boots points card
With the amount of money you'll be spending on beauty, it would be stupid not to pick up a Boots card and collect a TON of points.

10. Blogger events are pretty much the most fun ever
This time last year, attending an event with a room full of strangers would have felt like the worst idea - in reality, meet ups are the best days. Spending time with likeminded people and picking up some great free goodies is a dream come true.

11. Post at a specific time and day
Getting posts up on the same days at the same time is integral to bumping up views. It makes you reliable!

12. You might have to take about 100 outfits photos to get the right one
Patience does not come easily to me at all, but you have to accept that outfit posts are difficult, and it may take a heck of a lot of shots before you're happy with it.

13. Read read read
Read other peoples posts to get inspiration (but never copy, that's just rude) and to generally get a feel about what posts are popular at that time. Plus, commenting on posts can attract viewers (another lesson, don't just link your blog in the comments because that's V annoying, actually take time to write a thoughtful comment!)

14. If you want to post it, post it
Don't feel that you can't post something because it doesn't quite fit your 'theme' - its your corner of the internet, go for it! Exhibit A: My blog. A mishmash of post types that I couldn't love more. If you don't love what you're writing, then I'm pretty sure you aren't writing the right thing.

15. You can never have too many lipsticks
Enough said really.

16. Don't compare yourself!
Comparing yourself to other bloggers in a negative way can never end well, I promise. You are here to represent your own style, not someone else's.

17. Invest in a template
Pipdigging my blog was one of the best decisions I've made! I love it - and so easy to install.

Get your blog out there. How is anyone going to read if you expect them to just stumble across it? My favourite platforms are twitter and Bloglovin (Links at the top of the page).

19. Planning
Purchase a planner, dedicate a notebook - do anything you can to get organised and know when everything is getting posted. You don't have to stick to it, but a rough outline eases your mind and is so useful when you're making a list of everything you need to get done.

20. Writing style develops with time
I don't fully feel like I've got there yet, but I know that I'm improving with every post (at least I hope I am!)

21. It's okay to be in a slump
If you don't post for two weeks and take the time to gather your thoughts, that's fine! Everyone needs a break sometimes, and no one is an exception.

22. Bloggers are the best
It's not a competitive area, we all lift each other up! So many bloggers have been lovely to me, and I think making connections and meeting so many nice people is one of the best parts of this whole experience. At the end of the day,whether you have 2, 200 or 2000 followers, we all need a nice comment and a pick me up sometimes.

I hope you enjoyed this - something a little bit different!
What have you learned lately?
Emily xoxo


  1. Great post :) I'd really love to go to some blogger events next year and meet new people! x

  2. Lovely post! These all such good points and totally true! x


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