Wednesday 30 March 2016

15 Things I Feel Grateful For Right Now

To continue the positive trend going on over here on ASD at the moment, I thought I'd write a list of 20 things I'm grateful for right now. At the moment the sun is shining in my garden, I'm eating a tortilla pizza, and life is good.
  1. My Feelunique order just arrived, and the highlight I bought is just the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.
  2. I went running (I know, ew) and ended up meeting this adorable little greyhound. I like to think that when you force yourself off the couch to go exercise, life gives you rewards.
  3. The wall paper I used for this photo is hella cute. Thanks B&Q.
  4. That when I had a tough few days last week, my Mum was there for me like she always is.
  5. It's stir fry for dinner. Enough said really.
  6. My cat just came to visit me of his own accord, and gave me some genuine love (if you consider sitting on your feet and not letting you move a form of love.)
  7. I got five essays written in the past five days, which I would say is pretty impressive for a gal that loves binge watching Gossip Girl.
  8. I'm 18 in NINE DAYS (and lots of alcohol just arrived at the house for my party. YAY.)
  9. That the risk I took on Bourjois Healthy Mix has paid off because its exactly the right shade for my skin.
  10. The lovely family Easter meal that put everything into perspective.
  11. My newly found skill to make the creamiest and fluffiest scrambled eggs (uni diet sorted.)
  12. Planning my next European adventure with Harry - if you're interested, we're thinking Paris and Milan!
  13. Choosing my uni accommodation; super scary but at the same time, crazy exciting.
  14. The Galaxy Golden Eggs Easter egg that is about five feet away from me right now.
  15. That I have such wonderful readers who leave me nice comments and make me feel included in this community - kudos to you guys for being the best ever.
What do you feel grateful for right now?


  1. Having uni ahead of you is definitely something to feel grateful for - you'll have the time of your life! I'm feeling grateful for the light nights. They put me in such a good mood 😊

    Nina -

    1. I'm so excited - thankyou for commenting and reassuring me! Ah me too, I love walking home from work at 8pm in the light :)
      Em xo


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