Wednesday 16 March 2016

TooFaced Wishlist

TooFaced is one of those brands where I wish for everything in the collection. At the moment I only actually own one of their products (the boudoir eyes palette - see my review here), but since my 18th is coming up, I've compiled a wishlist of all the things that I hope to purchase sometime soon/ever.

Chocolate Bar Palette
I'm going to be straight out honest with you guys here, this wouldn't be on the list if KathleenLights didn't rave about it so much in her videos. I purchased the Makeup Revolution dupe a while back, but I do want to try this out and compare. Plus, I've heard it smells like chocolate, and that can never be a bad thing! In particular the khaki green shade and the baby pink have me putting this right at the top of my list; literally two of my favourite eye shadow shades.

Melted Lipsticks
I want these in my lip product collection SO bad, I need need need them. I love the consistency of liquid lipsticks and I like highly pigmented colour, and from what I've heard, these products deliver both those things. Yeah it might be a hefty price tag, but have you seen the packaging?! The shades Ruby and Nude are going straight into my basket when I get the chance (they've actually been in my basket a couple of times already, but I wimped out because $$$.) Has anyone tried these, and are they all that I'm hoping for?

Lip Insurance Primer
Okay. I may be oblivious, but I don't feel like you see lip primers around very often. My lips get dry with lipstick and I lose colour easily, so a primer is something that I genuinely need in my collection, and TooFaced is such a well trusted brand that I might as well start at the top. A product that makes lipstick long lasting and non-drying is an absolute banger in my opinion.

Milk Chocolate Soleil Bronzer
I feel like I'm constantly mentioning this lately, but my Laguna has hit pan (RIP) and although I've been putting it off for a heck of a long time, I do need to invest in a good quality bronzer. Bronzers are one of the products that I do feel like you get what you pay for; I wasn't that impressed with some cheaper brands that I tried, but my NARS one is the best bronzer I've come across. I've had my eye on the TooFaced bronzers for a good six months now because pretty packaging all the way, and its a tad bit cheaper than heading back to repurchase NARS when I'm already pretty low on cash (don't even remind me how much I spent today paying off my summer holiday.) There are three shades to this bronzer, but since I'm a pale bean, I think the lightest shade will be enough for my skin tone.

Better Than Sex Mascara
Why am I so English? Why did I cringe? Anyway, Taylor (Swift) uses this, so without even reading any reviews I knew that this was something I wanted to try out. After making that initial discovery I've seen this plastered all over every corner of the blogosphere, and although it seems a bit of a steep price to pay for a mascara, I think that once you get to £12 in Boots on a mascara, you might as well take the plunge. From what I've heard this is a brilliant mascara, so with that and the fact that the packaging is pink, I've set my expectations high. Again, if anyone has tried this before, do leave a comment and tell me what you thought!

Born This Way Foundation
I'm not a high end foundation girl, and I can't see myself ever fully moving into that zone. I'm quite happy with Rimmel, but these past few months curiosity has got the better of me. If a ton of beauty bloggers are paying £20+ for foundation, then there must be something amazing going on behind the scenes. I've done my research, and a lot of people say that this is a good high end foundation to dive in with; plus, that frosted glass bottle is all kinds of beautiful, and the shade range seems fantastic!

Phewf. Whittled it down to six before I convinced myself to buy the whole TooFaced section of the Debenhams website. Have you tried any of these products, and which items are on your wishlist from this brand?

(P.S. Have you been on the actual TooFaced website? That is the website of dreams aesthetics wise!)


  1. Too Faced is such an amazing brand! The Lip Insurance Primer and the Milk Chocolate Soleil Bronzer are in my wishlist, too!

    Irene | ireisapenguin

    1. I'm so intrigued about the lip primer!
      Em xo

  2. Not gonna lie, our Too Faced wish lists are the exact same haha! I literally want all these products too.
    I've heard such good things about the mascara, I need to take the plunge and actually buy it soon enough! x

    Kathryn | Chapters of Kat

    1. Hahaha twinning! I would feel so guilty spending that much on a mascara, but if its really as good as everyone says...I'll have to!
      Em xo

  3. I literally want everything from Too Faced in my life I wish I could own it all. They have the most cutest products out there.

    Kirsty x

    1. Literally same. It's all so beautiful!
      Em xo


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