Wednesday 23 March 2016

Oh the Places We Will Go || European Cities

If you asked me what sort of holiday-er I am, I'd definitely tell you I'm a city break kind of girl. I love settling somewhere for a few days and then coming back to reality with millions of stories to tell. Don't get me wrong, I love a lie on the beach with a cocktail or two, but whilst I'm young and adventurous, city breaks are the calling. Ideally, I'd like to start having a couple of European breaks a year - of course a whistle-stop tour would be wonderful, but I think for me, it would be easy to forget a city in the hustle and bustle of moving on to the next one.

I think the travel bug has really hit me since I went to Amsterdam; I've never been on holiday without significant 'adults' (I say it like I'm not practically an adult, and Harry already is *gulp*) and I can't wait to embark on so many more trips like it. I'm obviously terrified to move out in September, but with it sparks a desire within me to basically, just go wherever the heck I want. In light of that - voila! You have this travel post. All the European cities I've been to so far, and those that are at the top of my list.

Where I've Been:

London - This one is pretty obvious, since it's the capital of my own country. I love the organised chaos of London; so different from the reality of coming from a small town.

Edinburgh - I actually wanted to go to University in this city so badly after I visited, but for different reasons it just didn't seem like the right Uni. If I ever want to go away for a spontaneous weekend, I immediately think of Edinburgh (plus, Mary's Milk is the BEST hot chocolate shop you'll ever find.)

Florence - I don't remember much about Florence, other than it was boiling hot, and I kept seeing statues of naked men. I was ten though, so I guess I can let myself off for that one.

Pisa - Again, my ten year old self didn't appreciate this city as much as she probably should have done. I remember my ice cream falling off its cone (underrated tragedy), and taking the obligatory photo where it looks like you're pushing over the tower of Pisa. Italy is definitely somewhere I need to explore more, now that I'm a lot older and instead of wishing for a holiday by the pool, I want European adventures.

Barcelona - The Sagrada Familia is just the most beautiful building I've ever seen - you can't even believe how intricate it is until you've witnessed it in person. I absolutely loved this city; although if you want to avoid terribly sweaty and sticky train journeys, I wouldn't visit in the peak of Summer.

Paris - Isn't Paris just the most magical city you've ever seen? This is my favourite place I've ever been to; I love everything about it! The macarons, the chic style, the Eiffel Tower - it's literally blogger heaven and I want to go back armed with my camera and a million blog post ideas.

Krakow - I travelled to Poland last year on a philosophy trip to see the holocaust concentration camps, which was equal parts shocking and upsetting. I was so unexpectedly surprised however, at how lovely the atmosphere was in the city of Krakow; so much more peaceful than the crowded streets of London or Barcelona. (Heads up; Krakow has a Sephora, which is always an added bonus.)

Amsterdam - My most recent and special trip, Amsterdam will always have a home in my heart. I did a post all about my first holiday with Harry to the city, which you can take a look at here.

Places I'd Love To Visit:

Milan - This is next on my list to go to with Harry, as it has aspects of both our personalities nestled within the city; fashion, and football. As I've already said, Italy is a place I need to go back to and appreciate, and there's no better place to start than the city of fashion.

Budapest - *George Ezra starts to play* I have no idea what this city consists of to be honest, there's just something about it that makes me want to travel there. Have any of you been here, and if so, what did you think?!

Prague - I'm actually going to this city in Summer, along with Vienna and Berlin, so I'm pretty darn excited about it. Obviously, I've never been to this second set of places before so I don't have a lot to say, but I know that there's a beautiful castle to visit in Prague (and also another Sephora), so I think I'll be set.

Berlin - It's going to be so amazing to visit where the Berlin wall stood, and from looking online I feel like the city of Berlin has such an indie vibe to it. Again, I don't know a lot, but when I visit I'll definitely be doing a follow up blogpost all about it!

Santorini - Please just take me there now. Santorini looks like paradise, and I've promised myself that one day I'm going to visit this Greek island and leave my cares behind. All those white buildings look so gorgeous; the perfect chillax holiday to fit in between hectic trips.

Stockholm - Doesn't everyone want to say they've been to Sweden? We've had a group of Swedish students visit our college for two years now, and when they describe their home it sounds so picturesque.

Have you ever travelled to these cities, and where do you most want to travel?


  1. Love this post! I really want to visit Edinburgh and Stockholm :) xx

  2. I long to travel Europe one day! Milan is also on the very top of my list :)
    Kathy x

  3. European city breaks are amongst my favourite travel memories too! I'd definitely say visit Florence again if you get the chance, it's just so beautiful. Rome and Verona are also 2 of my favourites :)

    Sophie | Dreams and Colour Schemes

    1. I don't think I gave Italy the best shot, I definitely need to go back! Thanks for the comment :)
      Em xo


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