Wednesday 18 January 2017

New Bourjois Picks

Anyone who's ever read a post about drugstore make up on this blog will know that when it comes to Bourjois, I think they've absolutely nailed it on all levels. Aside from a foundation clash, every single product I've tried has ended up becoming one of my favourites. When I went into Boots last week I couldn't resist picking up a few new bits to review here, and I wasn't disappointed.
The main feature of this post is the 'City Radiance' foundation in the shade Rose Ivory, which I absolutely, positively love. Trying foundations has never been something I've been interested in; I watched a Zoella video about Rimmel Wake Me Up about five years ago and haven't strayed from it since, but it's time to put my big girl pants on and explore the world of foundation on my own. Although I was definitely not a fan of Healthy Mix, I had high hopes for City Radiance due to my love affair with the Radiance concealer. Okay so number 1, this foundation was perfect for my skin tone - if you're a pale gal like myself then this will suit you to a tee. Another thing I adore about this product is that it does what it says on the tin and makes your skin glow, but it doesn't fall into the trap of a shiny finish (thank goodness.) I've used this a fair few times now to know that it's swiftly transitioning its way into my everyday routine; complete success on the foundation front.

The next item I wanted to try was another of the Rouge Velvet liquid lipsticks. I've raved about the shade 'Grand Cru' before on my blog, as its my go-to red lip and I'm obsessed with how comfortable it feels on my lips. The shade I picked up this time was much more subtle, 'Don't even pink about it' is (as you could most likely guess) is a pretty pink nude, which suits January lip trends. Although the lipstick had the same comfortable feel to it, I couldn't help but notice that the pigmentation wasn't as opaque as with Grand Cru. This isn't too much of an issue when it comes to nudes though, as its the kind of 'your lips but better' shade.

Bourjois blush pots have always stood out to me on the stand; they're an ideal size for blush and cute enough to pop in your handbag, and the shade range is huge. Even though I'm not much of a blush girl I'm slowly getting there, so I bought two shades - 'Santal' is a beautiful bronze shimmer shade that I've already used and loved, and 'Rose D'or' is a shimmery Barbie pink that I'm going to try and incorporate in the Spring make up season. The colour pay off in these blushes is the ideal balance, high pigmentation isn't needed with these types of products, and the colour is easily blended. Santal is my preferred shade of the two since it's more of a neutral shade, but I'm confident that both of them were worth the splurge. 

Santal, Rose D'or, Don't even pink about it.


  1. I haven't tried anything from Bourois recently but I would love to try these blushes, both shades are amazing but my favourite is Santal, it looks great!


  2. The blushes are absolutely stunning and I love Santal, so so nice for summer!
    Kathy x

  3. That blush is such a beautiful shade! xx

  4. Dreamy pictures! I love the look of the blushers, I need more in my collection and want to start off with drugstore so these look perfect!

    Jodie /


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