Sunday 8 January 2017

January Lip Library

For me, January is a month of the more subtle lip shades following the bold lips of Autumn and the festive season. Most of the reds and berries are left behind for a little while, and the nudes and pinks take the make up stage. I've recently received/bought quite a few that fit into this category, which made choosing my picks for this months lip library relatively easy.
The Jouer liquid lipstick in 'Citronade Rose' is such a unique metallic ballet slipper pink that it balances subtle and eye catching in the perfect quantities to wear on a January night out. Metallic lip colours are so different to a matte or satin finish that the finish alone is enough to make a statement, regardless of the actual shade. I've spoken about the formula of these lipsticks in the past; just moisturising enough to pass my comfort test and be separated from the dry, matte finishes.
The Colourpop liquid lipstick in the shade 'Point Zero' has a satin finish, and is from the Kathleen Lights collaboration. I see this shade as the ideal brown nude - its similar to Spirit by MAC (one of my all time favourites) and does not budge. Considering this beauty only set me back the dollar equivalent of £5, I'm a very happy bunny when it comes to the formula of this, and I think the brown tone gives it a good pop for this month.
The TooFaced Melted Lipstick in Chihuahua is quickly becoming my go-to lip product. Its a gorgeous deep nude pink, and the formula of these products is unbeatable (as I've said a million times on this blog). If you want a nude pink that applies easily and stays put for a good amount of time I couldn't think of a more fitting choice. This is constantly in my handbag for me to just reach in and grab, and its definitely my favourite lip product of the month/year. I talked about these in my beauty round up for 2016, so for a full review just visit here.
The Victoria's Secret Lip Silk in 'Victoria' is a pretty pink gloss that works well on its own or paired with one of the pink liquid lipsticks, and the best part? Not sticky at all. Hallelujah. I never would have thought to try out VS make up, but they've got this gloss so right that I'm definitely tempted to pick up some more. This would look beautiful on no-make up make up days, and it would definitely match with the TooFaced lipstick if you wanted it to appear a bit more bold.

My last choice for January is an unusual one for me, since I've never been a lip liner girl. I got the Loreal Lip Liner Couture in the shade 630 as part of a deal at Boots, and I was so impressed with the quality. I'm lazy when it comes to applying lipstick and hardly ever think to try a liner first, but this is such a brilliant base for nude lip colours that I know I'll reach for it a lot this month. It even works well on its own with a sheer gloss on top, a look that I've tried a few times already.
I hope you're having the best start to 2017, and that everything is beginning in the way that you wanted it to. Have a lovely Sunday!

Left to right: Chihuahua, Point Zero, 630, Citronade Rose, Victoria.



  1. Although I'm a massive fan of berry lips I completely agree that the nude lip is in right now, I got Mac Velvet Teddy for Christmas and it's all I seem to be wearing! xx

  2. I love the shade Chihuahua too, it's the only one I have and I've actually nearlly used it all up which is a bit sad!
    Kathy x

  3. Citronade Rose looks absolutely stunning swatched! Would love to try it for myself.

    Abigail Alice 💕


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