Sunday 22 January 2017

Tropic Skincare

I know I know, you're thinking that this blog has never been about skincare before. Up until this month I just relied on micellar water and my trusty Simple face wash, but I decided in the New Year to whip myself into shape. A few months back I got the 'Smoothing Cleanser' from Tropic Skincare, and so far this product has been an absolute dream to work with. I thought I'd write a lil review for anyone completely clueless in the world of skincare (aka people like me.)

Okay so first of all, this cleanser smells pretty darn good; I realise that that probably isn't the most important factor here, but its right up there, wouldn't you agree? It's made using 100% natural ingredients (yay), with green tea extract, golden jojoba, and eucalyptus leaf oils. When I put this on my face I love that it doesn't smell chemically or synthetic at all, it just smells fresh. I know that cleansers can technically be used to 'melt off' all of your make up, but I'm quite content using an initial make up remover and then following up with this product to clean my skin to the max and leave it feeling soft soft soft - which, I can verify, it does.

The bottle that I have, which you can buy here for £16, contains 120ml, and considering I only need to use a tiny bit of cleanser each time I use it, I would consider that a good price for how many uses you would get out of the whole bottle. It also comes with a bamboo cloth to use with the cleanser, and although I don't use it because I prefer to use my hands, that's just personal preference and I can imagine that it would go hand in hand with the product. I've had troublesome times with my skin lately, getting breakouts when I wouldn't usually, and this has really (genuinely, I'm not just saying it for the fun of it) cleared it up, probably due to the fact that my skin is a lot cleaner. From a complete and utter skincare amateur I would give this a five star review; Tropic has definitely earned a space on my bathroom shelf.



  1. It's a fab cleanser, even takes eye makeup off effortlessly. The bamboo cloth is great when used with warm water to wipe away all scraps of makeup. Leaves my face so fresh and clean, totally love it x

  2. They are all gorgeous products
    You can get yours here at x


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