Monday 6 April 2015

100 Things That Make Me Happy

  1. Disneyland
  2. Those multi-pack mini boxes of cereal
  3. Beach walks
  4. Bubble baths
  5. Whipped cream straight from the can
  6. Unexpected texts from people that I miss
  7. Blogging
  8. Opening my stocking at 3am on Christmas morning and then going back to sleep
  9. Picnics
  10. My cat coming to cuddle me when I wake up
  11. Short queues
  12. Being able to open a jam jar
  13. In a similar theme, being able to reach tall things
  14. Finding a great shampoo
  15. Fireplaces
  16. Red Lipstick
  17. Hotel fresh orange juice
  18. The ability to sit in comfortable silence with someone
  19. Guessing the next song to come on shuffle
  20. Taylor Swift
  21. Double beds with lots of blankets
  22. That butterfly feeling
  23. New book smell
  24. Waking up before eight
  25. Badminton
  26. Polaroid pictures
  27. Seeing my cousins
  28. Getting an idea for a song/poem/story/blog post
  29. Iced Coffee with gingerbread syrup from Costa
  30. Hole punching paper exactly in the middle
  31. Laughing with a friend and realising how lucky you are to have them
  32. Sitting with my back against a radiator
  33. Shopping
  34. To-Do-Lists
  35. Being invited to go somewhere
  36. Genuine compliments
  37. The sound of heavy rain when I'm tucked in bed
  38. The anticipation of a whole new album to listen to
  39. Encores at concerts
  40. Mini Golf
  41. Clear nights when you can see the stars
  42. Spare change
  43. Clothes labels that aren't itchy
  44. Picking out a gift for someone that you know they'll love, and then watching them open it
  45. Automatically getting onto the wifi at a friend's house
  46. Fuzzy socks
  47. White roses and Calla lilies
  48. Chandelier style lighting
  49. Season finales
  50. Paris
  51. Birthday cake frosting
  52. Satisfactory selfies
  53. Getting a spontaneous piercing
  54. Thinking its later than it actually is, and then realising
  55. The snuffle noise that guineas pigs make
  56. Fairy lights
  57. Mason jars
  58. Arriving at the station right on time to catch a train
  59. Hot tub adventures
  60. Pina Coladas
  61. Learning a new chord on my guitar
  62. Old home movies
  63. Forehead kisses
  64. The first page of a new notebook
  65. Productive days
  66. Marathons of Friends/One Tree Hill/Pretty Little Liars/Grey's Anatomy/Gossip Girl
  67. Watching a firework display
  68. Catching someone's eye across the room
  69. Late night conversations
  70. Reading my horoscope (I know, I know)
  71. "Five more minutes" sleep
  72. Birthday cards with puns on the front of them
  73. Surprise reductions when you take an item to the checkout
  74. Supermarkets
  75. A hug from exactly the right person
  76. Mashed potato from Nandos
  77. My onesie
  78. Pep talks
  79. People that turn up right on time
  80. Remembering to take my keys, and therefore, not being locked out
  81. Long train journeys with my iPod
  82. Days when I like what I'm wearing
  83. Vivid dreams
  84. Confetti
  85. Quiet nights in with the fire on and a good book
  86. Nights out and the opportunity to do fancy make up
  87. Dance parties
  88. Letting go of things that make you feel sad
  89. When paper has just come out of the printer and it still feels warm
  90. Crunchy leaves in Autumn
  91. Breakfast for dinner
  92. Getting winged eyeliner right on the first try
  93. Sincere apologies
  94. Glitter gel pens
  95. Being right (yes, I am that girl)
  96. Looking back at all my old concert and movie tickets
  97. Falling asleep quickly
  98. When people remember little things that I told them ages ago
  99. Making someone laugh
  100. Thinking of all the things on this list
I really enjoyed making this list you know! I think sometimes its really beneficial to remember all of the things that make you happy, because it takes away from whatever sadness you may be feeling. I didn't even realise that I had this many things to be thankful for!
What little things make you happy? Did any of them happen today? (For me, 5, 10, 28, 35 and 75 happened today!)
Emily xoxo

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