Wednesday 22 April 2015

Urban Outfitters Wishlist

Okay, so lately I've kind of been obsessed with Urban Outfitters. I mean, literally obsessed. I put together a wishlist of the items that I like in store at the moment, but believe me there's a lot more in there than these six items that I want in my closet.

Stussy World Tour Tee (yes, I do realise
that this is a mens item) - check this out here.
Sparkle and Fade cut out shoulder high
neck top - buy this here. Fun fact, I tried
this on in the shop, loved it, and then didn't
buy it because clearly I'm an idiot.
BDG stripe ringer tee - you can find this
here. I am loving the grey and yellow colour
combination at the moment.
This whole outfit is completely on point,
but I particularly like the Cooperative Daisy
Moving on to shoes, I adore this pair of Vagabond
Lejla Glad Shoes, and I think they would go with a
lot of outfits. You can find them here.
Loving and wishing for this pair of Deena &
What store is your favourite right now?
Emily xoxo

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