Sunday 26 April 2015


Yesterday I was cleaning my room (the mega, spring kind of clean) and I came across this folder containing all of my art GCSE work. Occasionally I do miss the hectic deadlines for art coursework, and the Sunday afternoons spent listening to music with chalk pastel covering me from head to toe. I think I would consider myself a creative person, I like producing things to look back on (if you couldn't tell by the fact that I have a blog!) In fact the other day I went out and bought a set of watercolours again, so that in the summer when weeks and weeks stretch out ahead of me, I may be able to recreate the Sunday afternoon atmosphere. I thought I'd write a post about my old art coursework, purely because if I ever lose any of it, I will have them all safely on here. This is NOT meant to be a pretentious post, I do realise that I could never be an artist, I just felt really nostalgic looking back on it all, since it was a major part of my life at one stage.

I hope you enjoyed this post, I know it was kind of random! Do you have any old hobbies that you miss, or that you would like to start in the future?
Stay beautiful!
Emily xoxo

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