Thursday 30 April 2015

What's In My Bag?

Hey guys! I feel like I'm kind of late to this party - the 'what's in my bag' blogpost. I don't have one bag that I constantly use, I just change it to suit my outfit. At the moment I've been using my River Island Bagpack that I got for my birthday (You can see it here) which I love unconditionally and feel automatically a little bit cooler every time I wear it. I tipped everything out of it, arranged it nicely, and took a few snaps for you! I'm almost 99% sure that most of this is just generic handbag items, but I thought I would jump on the bandwagon anyway.

  •  My Purse - I think I got this one from Topshop a few years ago, and inside I have some money, my cards (Railcard, Debit, Student) and a few old train tickets. Not very exciting, I did warn you.
  • Sunglasses - Mine are from Cotton On, which if you've read pretty much any of my summer outfit posts, you'll already know. I literally only have one pair, and if I sit on them I'm screwed.
  • Keys
  • Phone and Headphones - If I ever go out without these two items, I actually have to turn back for them. No matter how far away I am.
  • Gum - This kind is 'Extra Ice' which is not my favourite, but when you buy a huge tub of it, you have to commit.
  • Hair Ties - Obviously.
  • A Notebook and Pen - You never know when inspiration will strike. Or when you'll be in the mood for an impromptu game of noughts and crosses.
  • Hand Sanitizer, Lip Balm and Perfume - I always stuff one of the tiny perfume samples in my bag just in case (I've got about sixty million from back in the day when I had a glossy box subscription) and the sanitizer and lip balm should be self explanatory. If you ever need hand sanitizer, get it from Bath and Body Works. You can't beat em.
  • Straws - This may seem silly, but I can't count on my hands the number of times I wished I had a straw. If you're wearing lipstick, or sharing a drink with someone, believe me these babies come in handy. 
And that's it! Usually I would have an umbrella as well, but I just broke mine so I am currently without. What's the most important thing in your bag?
Stay beautiful!
Emily xoxo


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