Saturday 2 May 2015

A Crazy Kind Of Love

Hi guys - I've been meaning to put this post up for a while, but never got down to actually typing it up and hitting 'publish'! I'm a sucker for romantic storylines I must admit, and whilst it never goes the same way in real life (sigh), I'll settle for watching my favourite OTPs. I narrowed it down to five, with my number one being the absolute best. If you agree/disagree with any of these choices, please do let me know! Also, I went all fancy and used GIFs for this post, and fell into the inevitable black hole of looking at cute GIFs on Tumblr for two hours straight.

5. April and Jackson (Grey's Anatomy)
There have been so many iconic relationships in this programme, but despite the many dramatics my favourite has to be Japril. Classic cliché of two best friends falling in love I know, but I can't help it. The wedding episode (if you've seen it, you'll get me) was one of my favourite episodes to date, and I spent the hour curled up in foetal position, fangirling hard.
4. Pacey and Joey (Dawson's Creek)
When I rewatch this programme, it strikes me how old school everything looks! I remember getting through all six seasons of this programme in about two months, and adoring every moment. What I loved about the finale was the unpredictability of it - I NEVER expected her to choose Pacey over Dawson, and assumed a predictable Ross-Rachel situation. Pacey's immaturity compliments Joey's sensible character type really well, and I have vivid memories of running round the house squealing when I watched that magnificent last episode.

3. Aria and Ezra (Pretty Little Liars)
Okay so ALL the PLL relationships are hella cute, but if I had to pick I'm edging towards the (initially forbidden) Ezria love affair. Ezra is pretty much the perfect guy let's be honest. The many - and there truly has been many - trials and tribulations that the couple have overcome has only made them stronger, and if they don't end up together in the last season I will feel extremely hard done by. At first the student-teacher premise seemed a little weird to me, but once I got my head around the idea I fully immersed myself into team Ezria.

 2. Chuck and Blair (Gossip Girl)
I really struggled to pick between my top two OTPs, but in the end I put Chuck and Blair second. I am so obsessed with Gossip Girl that its unreal, and without a doubt my favourite plotline is this one. I love how they can't help but fall back together, and the final episode in season 6 is just the cutest darn thing I've ever seen. The drama is piled on, and sometimes its a bit predictable, but isn't that what we, as viewers crave? A romance so twisted and passionate that it somehow feels right? Oh Chair (yes, I'm using the ship name) you do get me right in the feels.

1. Nathan and Haley (One Tree Hill)
One Tree Hill is hands down my favourite TV programme, and I always find myself skipping to the Naley scenes. Throughout all nine seasons Nathan and Haley are a major focal point, the jock and the teacher's pet falling in love despite all the odds (I do love a good cliché). There are some tough ideas intertwined with their relationship, such as depression and teenage pregnancy, and I think the writers did them justice, as well as the actors. I will never not be cheered up by a Naley montage on YouTube. Also, this GIF is so perfect.

What would we do without TV relationships? Genuine question, because I think I would be lost.
Emily xoxo


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