Wednesday 20 May 2015

My Vinted Experience

I have recently become very much obsessed with Vinted. If you aren't aware of it, its basically an App, which is an online marketplace for clothes. You can sell and buy clothes for a fraction of the original price and the site is completely safe, as all payment is done through the App and not the individual sellers. If you're feeling a bit sceptical (like I was) about buying other peoples clothes, then there's the option to only purchase clothes that have never been worn and still have tags on (like I do). My username is emilylaura_13 if you want to check out my profile and any of the clothes that I'm selling. I've bought quite a few things from the app, and I put together an outfit using two of the pieces - The 'Genius' jumper from TopShop (which Taylor Swift owns as well, so a double win there), and a pair of violet Doc Martens.

I hope you consider trying this amazing app, I love it!
Emily xoxo

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