Friday 22 May 2015

Style Stalk: Blair

Blair Waldorf. The Queen Bee at Constance, part time Princess of Monaco...its safe to say that Blair has royalty in her blood. Without a doubt Blair is my favourite character on GG, maybe due to the fact that her fashion is always on point (if you've read any of my previous posts that mention Gossip Girl, you'll already know of my love for the Chuck and Blair scenario, so I won't go into that here). I've picked out five of my favourite outfits from all six seasons, and I think its a testament to Blair's iconic style that I knew the exact outfits I wanted, even before I started looking.

I can't believe I'm sat here admiring a school uniform. But, despite the purpose of this outfit, I really do love how Blair avoids sticking to the dress code and changes her uniform to suit her own personal style. There are so many variations on her uniform, but I think this classic look is my favourite, with the preppy white shirt and plaid skirt - and that necktie really pulls the outfit together. I wish my uniform for High School had been as pretty as to say it was not.
Blair wears a lot of extravagant dresses over the course of the show, but often I think the simplest ones are the best. This red number fits her petite frame perfectly, and I like the ruffles on the shoulders to add a little bit of intricacy to the design. Red is probably my favourite colour on Leighton (Sometimes I have to remind myself that Blair is a character and not an actual person, sob) as it suits the tone of her skin and the brunette of her hair.

STYLE. GOALS. I am so in love with this outfit its unreal. The white tights go well with the ice skates, and I am a huge fan of all plaid outfits (bow down to Clueless, we are forever grateful). Every detail is thought about within the outfit, right down to the pink pom poms on her skates matching the pink sweater she has on underneath the plaid jacket. Although I can't pull them off myself, I love a good beanie - and this one is no exception.

I'm pretty sure this outfit is from Blair's brief stint as assistant at 'W' magazine. I remember pausing Netflix to actually take a photo on my phone of this one, so I could go back and take inspiration from it. I seriously adore the bronze coloured jacket, and it emphasises how simple the rest of the look is. Those heels are so gorgeous, and I am never going to not mention a good ol' statement necklace.

I may be predictable, but I couldn't not put it in. Blair's wedding dress, oh so beautiful. Lace detailing is not really my thing, but I think maybe in this case I could be a convert. I promised I wasn't going to mention my Chuck and Blair feels, however this dress is just reminding me of how freaking CUTE the wedding was. I have so many gifs of that wedding on my computer, you could say I'm obsessed. I also love the simple headband she wears - its only fitting that the queen of headbands would wear one on her big day to tie the look together. Okay I need to stop looking at this photo or I might cry.
I had no problem trawling through pages and pages of outfits to find these, and to be quite honest I might go back to it right now and carry on fangirling over beautiful style creations. Have a good day, and remember:
XOXO, Emily.
(Kudos to you if you got that reference)


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