Saturday 16 May 2015

Updates and All That Fun Stuff

Aloha Bloggersphere!
Despite the fact that my posts have been going up every other day for the past ten days or so (I haven't broken my streak for almost three months now, can I get a woop woop?) I haven't actually been active on any of my blogging sites due to the magical power of scheduling. My A Levels are well under way now, I've completed five out of ten exams, and since I didn't want to break my streak (but have no time to take any photos) I thought I'd do a general life update for any of you out there that care.

The exams are going okay-ish, apart from the horrific nightmare that was Geography Unit 1 AQA - I have never felt this bad about an exam before, it was really truly ew. On a brighter note, today marked the end of a geography era, as I plan to drop it before continuing my studies next year. Me and one of my best friends celebrated by going out for milkshakes, and let me tell you, some goodbyes are sweet without the bitter. At least I can say the end is in sight now, one more week until half term, and then only two more exams to go!

In the last couple of weeks I have sped through GG, and I am now embarking on season 5. Yes, I already know what happens in the season 6 finale, but that didn't stop me from crying my heart out when Chuck let Blair go with Luis. It's become a sort of comfort from the revision stress, and I honestly don't know what I'll do when I've finished. I also went to the cinema to see Blake Lively's new movie - The Age of Adaline. Oh my God please go see it. It's so beautiful and I broke my pact of not crying in the cinema.

I have also recently discovered a couple of new Apps (can you tell that I have a limited social life at the moment?) including Spotify. LOVE. Right now I'm enjoying albums from Leighton Meester, Imagine Dragons and You Me At Six. UniDays is a great app as well - its basically a whole bunch of discounts for students, and they are great discounts at that! I'm talking Urban Outfitters and TopShop discounts people.

Tomorrow I'm in work early, so I'll have to cut this post short. Before I sleep I have to write something into my book, its been haunting me all day and I need to put pen to paper otherwise I can't let my head hit the pillow. I hope your week has been sparkly!
Emily xoxo

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