Sunday 6 September 2015

My #NWmeet Experience!


Warning: This post is pretty darn photo heavy.
Let me start by saying that today has been one of best days I can remember for so many reasons, and one that I won't ever forget. Today I attended the #NWmeet blogger meet up, hosted by Katy and Sam, to raise money for The Recovery Bag Project. I never imagined last year, when I set up my blog as an escape from all of life's anxieties, that I would get the opportunity to go to an event sponsored by such great brands and meet so many amazing people. More than that, I could never have imagined being brave enough to embark on such an adventure alone, since I spend my days battling shy-ness.

The event was held in 'The Secret Warehouse' in Bank Hall, which was a beautiful venue, seemingly in the middle of nowhere. It remained a secret right up until the very last minute, since we were given a set of instructions to lead us there, and a password (Cactus) to get inside the building. On the outside, it looked like a random brick building - inside, it was a bloggers Wonderland. There was a gorgeous rooftop garden set up (perfect for a polaroid!) and a studio style venue room where the main meet up took place. When we first arrived we were given a W7 lipstick and made our mark on 'The Kissing Wall', which was such an original idea!

Katy and Sam arranged so many little activities for us to take part in, like guessing how many midget gems were in a jar to win a JonesandJones designer dress. We were also given a number on the way in (mine was 13) and entered a draw to win a cute piece of Disney Couture jewellery. There was a snack table FILLED with yummy goodies, such an Blk Water (such a strange concept!), Just Bee infused water, Propercorn, Green&Blacks chocolate, a bar from the Primal Pantry and an amazing little cupcake from The Cake Days - I hope I haven't forgotten any brands there!

There was a huge mirror, which made for some fun photo opportunities, and loads of props to aid us in taking some pretty funny photos. I met some amazing bloggers at the event, but I spent a good proportion of it talking to Lottie, Sarah and Sam, who were all event-newbies just like me. I was worried about being the only new one there, so it was lovely to meet girls in the exact same position as me. I've linked their blogs, so check them out!


We had a demonstration from Lush, which was exciting as it is a brand that I LOVE, and even received some samples! This Material Culture came in and showed us some of their beautiful jewellery - I'm particularly in love with the wire bracelets, so pretty. We received amazing goody bags (including one from Lush), a t shirt, and a personalised gift that I'm still in shock about! I'm going to do a separate blog post involving all of those fun goodies, so you'll have to check back tomorrow to see what I got!

All in all I had a fabulous day that I know I'll remember forever! I was SUPER anxious about going, especially considering that my blog isn't huge or well known, but I was shown yet again how kind and welcoming the blogging community is.
The biggest thankyous and hugs to Katy and Sam for organising a great event, I have no idea how you do it all but I'm forever grateful that you did!
Keep checking back for my goody bag post!
Have you ever been to a meet-up?
Stay beautiful!
Emily xoxo



  1. Hello! I'm glad you enjoyed your first meetup, sorry we didn't get to chat much, it's always hard when there's lots of people. Great post lovely.

    Laura x

    1. I agree, Its difficult to start speaking to everyone, 30 people can seem quite an intimidating number! We'll have to catch up next time - thankyou! xx
      Emily xo

  2. Aww hi Emily, sorry we didnt get a chance to chat at the event, but Im so glad you had a good time! I actually kept saying to someone yesterday how cool your outfit was, you looked amazing! <3 Hope to see you at another event soon so I can say hi properly! :)
    Jemma xx

    1. Hi Jemma! Oh my goodness thankyou so much, that's so kind! Yes definitely, if we both go to another event we'll have to have a good chat! :) xx
      Emily xo

  3. Hi hun,
    It was lovely to see you at NWmeet, I didn't really get the chance to chat to you on the day. Hopefully I see you at another event soon! Your outfit looked amazing on the day.

    Danielle xx
    | Student to Staff Nurse |

    1. Aw, lovely to see you too! It's hard to talk to new people, but I swear next time I'll build up the courage to chat! Thankyou so so much, you looked great as well.
      Emily xo


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