Wednesday 14 September 2016

Some Seventeen Products To Try Out

I'm genuinely excited for this post to go live, since Seventeen sent me some make up items to try out and review for you guys, and so far I've been loving them. Seventeen is another brand that I worshipped in my early teens, but in previous years have drifted away from and over into luxury and high end beauty. I feel like the brand has had a major comeback within the past couple of years, with stunning products like the contour kit and the ranges of lipsticks. This blogger mail came just in time with my recent drugstore make up binge, and I've used these products enough times now to let you know what I think.  It's also nice to know that whilst I'm a poor university student I can rely on the cheaper brands to provide products that won't let me down. 
The first product I got sent was the 'Mega Matte' Lipsticks*, in the shades 'Lava you a lot' and 'Pinking out loud'. Lava you a lot is a gorgeous orange-red, a shade which I don't tend to wear a lot, but have done several times since receiving this lip product. I always got the impression that orange lipsticks make your teeth look less white, but this one doesn't and so opens a new horizon of lipstick shades. I'll always be loyal to my blue-reds, but I can definitely see myself using this one a lot in Summer and Autumn. Pinking out loud is a true pale bubblegum pink, the kind of colour I absolutely adore, just not usually on my lips. It's a beautiful shade, but until I'm brave enough to wear this and switch up my usual nude lipstick routine, my sister I'm sure will gladly wear it instead.
The formula of the lipsticks is to die for, I love a creamy matte that isn't drying, and actually has a bit of a satin sheen to it. The formula reminds me a lot actually of the MAC Satin finish; a blessing since matte lip products can often be uncomfortable to wear. For £4.49 these products are a steal, and I'm definitely going to be picking up a couple more shades ('Roses are red' seems like a beautiful nude pink that I can't wait to try.)
The other product I was sent is the 'Brows That' Brow Kit*, which I was intrigued by since I love the Barry M Brow Kit so much. Usually I just go for the NYX Brow Pomade, but if  I want to be sure that my brows will stay put throughout the day, using kits like these is a good way to go. Fortunately, the shade of this is exactly the right dark brown colour that I need to not look a bit odd (tried the black brow thing, and let me tell that that doesn't look hot in the slightest with my pale skin.) The brilliant thing about this kit is that it comes with a pencil, powder and a wax, which is definitely more than enough to sort those brows out. The kit stands the test of time; I wore this for ten hours and my eyebrow make up just didn't budge. I will say that the mini brush that you get isn't my favourite, but its easy to switch it out with a brush that you prefer (the No7 lip brush in my case, however weird that sounds), without detracting from the overall product.
Thankyou so much to Seventeen for sending me these goodies; its always a nice surprise to get make up in the post to review, especially when they're as good as these ones.


  1. Ooh I love Seventeen, but I've never tried their lipsticks before! They're next on my list :)
    sammy xx

  2. I wish they sold Seventeen in NZ! I always see their products featured in peoples blog posts and I so badly want to get my hands on them. The lip colours are so lovely especially the red!
    Kathy x

    1. The red is gorgeous - hopefully they start to sell them in NZ soon so you can try them out!



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