Monday 16 March 2015


The space between my fingertips has never felt so apparent
Three months full and now the emptiness is blinding
Not necessarily in a bad way
Just different
There’s a space on my pillow and a space in my heart
I’m learning to fill it just like the expanses of time
Sleep is easier now
It consumes me like the spaces between my ribs
I count them, one, two, three
And the spaces between meals are ever longer but
I’m trying to change that, like the cloak of knots
That fills the space in my lungs
The silence is deafening, but peaceful in its own way
Time to heal
Space to heal
The space between sentences, words dripping from my lips
Into constellations of confessions
But never actually making it outside
I thought I was alone but the space is what I needed
To feel comforted by my own existence

How do you clear up everything in your head? For me its writing but I know its different for everyone! This poem is a mish mash of subjects all rolled into one, with the theme of 'Space'. The last week has been such a weird one for me, but I think it was what I needed to look at things in perspective and see that sometimes, things happen that are hard, but they're for the best and they allow you to then fix other areas of your life as well.
Stay beautiful!
Emily xoxo

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