Friday 6 March 2015

Who Inspires You?

Today I wanted to write a post about some women in today's society that inspire me and I feel have had an impact on my life (beside the obvious ones like the women in my family and my best friends). I'm lucky enough to be in a good place at the moment, and I think that having role models and inspirations has been part of the journey to getting there.

 Okay so first and foremost I've chosen Miss Taylor Swift. If you know me at all (which lets be real you probably don't, I'm just a random girl on the internet) you'll know that Taylor has had a major impact on my life. I started listening to Taylor when I was 11 years old and just starting out in high school. High school was a bit of a weird one for me, I kind of loved it and I kind of hated it, and for the moments when I truly hated it I could always go home, shut myself in my bedroom and listen to Taylor's early albums on repeat. Not only has her music been essential to my growing up experience, but I really admire her as a person, and the outlook on life that she has. She's taught me how to be passionate about the things that I love, and that the most important kind of love is the love that you have for yourself (because without that, how can you really learn to love anyone else?)

Next is Sarah Dessen, a contemporary young adult author. Sarah's books are the genre of books that I hope to write myself, and throughout the years I've collected all of her titles and know some of the characters pretty much as if they're my friends. The road to becoming an author was not easy for Sarah, and I respect the determination of pursuing a dream and following it through to the end. I've gained so many writing tips from her, and I think that her writing has had a great influence on my own stories. If you haven't read her books, please do!

Lastly I chose Meghan Reinks, a youtuber and blogger. I think that the way Meghan approaches life is a really good way to tackle it, and her struggle with mental health was very relatable to a girl scared stiff about the same things going on in her own life (did I really just refer to myself in third person? Did I?!) I've watched her videos for what feels like an age, and I admire the way in which she tries to channel positivity into everything that she does, because I feel that that's something I should do more often. Her visual poem entitled 'Spark', which I mentioned in a previous post, is something that always provides me with a quick pick me up, and her courage to speak out about important issues is a rare thing that I don't think should be ignored.

Who inspires you?
Emily xoxo


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