Thursday 16 April 2015

Style Stalk: Selena

It's been a weird few days without my laptop whilst I was in London. I'm so used to checking Blogger that I think I suffered slightly from blog withdrawal, thank God we can schedule posts to go up! For today's post I thought I would start a little series called 'Style Stalk' - where I pick a celebrity and choose some of my favourite looks from them. For Selena (Gomez), I didn't choose any red carpet looks, as I find that candids show a truer representation of a person's sense of style. As for choosing Selena, I chose her simply because I appreciate her style, and have spent quite some time loving how she dresses up seemingly casual pieces.

This baby blue cropped jumper is the perfect piece to transition from spring into summer - even more so when paired with jeans. Something I've noticed consistently through Selena's style evolution is how she dresses up a pair of jeans with some heels - this nude pair tie the outfit together and compliment the shade of the sweater. Also, hair on point in this look.
I think one of the hardest things to balance in fashion is the amount of accessories that certain outfits warrant. The no jewellery decision works here, because the strappy sandals and the floral playsuit already give the outfit the bold look that any statement necklace would usually give, and the white of the shoes makes the outfit pop. I really love these sunglasses, as the large size and shape (which lean towards something you might see in a men's section) contrast the complete and utter girlyness that covers the rest of the look.
I'm not usually a fan of mixing patterns within the same outfit (three in this case if you count the purse!) but I think it works here. The braid in Selena's hair is classy and cute, and the plain black heels are a good choice considering the bright colours in the remainder of the outfit. I like that the base colours of the skirt and shirt combo are black and white with colour layered over, as it makes the patterns click. I particularly love the bag!
Although I think this floral dress is gorgeous (that shade of pink is to die for) what screams at me about this look is the accessories. The sunglasses suit her with her hair pulled back, and the long silver necklace draws attention to the dress even more. Plus, who can say no to a fringed bag?! That's right, no one. Especially when its cream coloured to match the cream accents in the dress. I think this outfit would look really nice with a summer tan.
This last look is my favourite, of all the hundreds of candids that I trailed through for this post. I think it might be my favourite because its the closest outfit to my style, and the kind of pieces I like to wear. The ripped boyfriend jeans seem much more feminine when paired with a close fit blazer, and having her hair tied up really pulls the look together. I love how she manages to rock the heels with the baggy jeans, and again I think her sunglasses are lovely. I can't even put into words how much I want everything she's wearing here!
What number was your favourite, and who's style would you love to stalk?
Stay beautiful!
Emily xoxo


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