Friday 10 April 2015

DIY Smoothie

1 frozen banana
Half of a raspberry and cranberry yogurt
A small glass of semi-skimmed milk
Five strawberries (plus one for decoration)

Step by Step
  • Put the frozen banana in the blender and blend it for 30 seconds so it starts to soften.
  • Add in the milk and blend again to avoid every item being blended except from the banana (doing it in stages gives the banana more time to blend).
  • Add the strawberries and the yogurt and blend blend blend!
  • Pour into a glass and pop in a straw. Add a berry onto the side of the glass for decoration!
I hope you like this recipe - its pretty basic and self explanatory but I really like the addition of the yogurt into this smoothie to give it extra flavour. It's also really healthy, which is an obvious bonus!

What's your favourite smoothie?
Stay beautiful!
Emily xoxo

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