Friday 3 April 2015

Marchy Faves

Hi guys - I can't believe we're in April already, that's so crazy!
I didn't really use any new products this month, which is why I included a couple of fashion items into my march favourites.

Okay, so my first favourite for the month of March is the Vo5 Nourish My Shine heat protectant. It's oil based, to add moisture to your hair (great for ombre) and smells SO good - I spent like 25% of the day just casually smelling my hair. When I use heat after applying this, I can hear it sizzle, which sounds scary but actually just means that the protectant is doing its job well.
My second favourite is the 'Fashion Nails' from Primark. These nails are super cheap and pretty, and for the price you pay I think they're amazing! They stay on for days, and Primark do so many designs that I'd say its impossible for you to not find a set that you like. I have to file them down though, as I prefer my nails to be shorter. 

Last month I joined the craze a little late (as I do with everything in life) - chokers. I'm not a fan of the tattoo style chokers, but this black velvet one from Amazon, and this diamante choker from New Look are two that I really enjoy wearing. I think I might put up a post on how I style these, because I think sometimes the premise of a piece such as the choker can sound quite intimidating.

This pair of heels from New Look are so so gorgeous. I'm not much of a heel wearer (I probably should be, I need the height) because I struggle to find pairs that are genuinely comfortable and easy-ish to walk in, but since this pair has a platform and a chunky heel, it ticks both of the required boxes! I wore these last night and my feet only started to hurt about five and a half hours in, so I'd say that was a success.
What have you been loving lately?
Emily xoxo

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